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Piece #1016 Palace Plush 90 1ft1 x 5ft3 synthetic artificial grass ELM

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Piece #1016 Palace Plush 90 1ft1 x 5ft3 synthetic artificial grass ELM  Palace Plush 90 is the product of 12 years of grass evolution... arguably the finest we have. This year it is a 'wide-track' tufting gauge for max realism, and we doubled the weight of the buried support gold thatch yarns. Always 3D fineblade too for elegance and sophistication. And this is a tangible upgrade grass. Grab it!

If you are shopping the support specifications then I want you to be impressed by these: 45mm thick (that's 1.77 inch if you prefer). 89.7 ounce face weight per metre2 (that positions this textile in the top 20% of the market offerings, so it is very very 'safe' and a worthy complement to your home/property investment. Palace Plush is 13ft wide in the roll. 79 stitches by 180 stitches or 14,220 stitches/m2..... that again places Palace Plush high on the engineering integrity scale. For Palace we DOUBLED the usual support thatch nest weight (because it is that crimped buried support system that works in synergy with the 3-D "M" shaped blade system for even better appearance retention as the grass lives through our Canadian seasons. Our 'wide-track' build was deliberate as we strive every year to attain the most realistic surface texture (we get better every year wanting to emulate the visuals of real growing grass). Palace Plush rapidly became a dominant grass fashion for Versatile Grass in Canada

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