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Even MORE Inspirational Pictures!

Versatile Grass has been used in a huge variety of Canadian projects.  We've quickly assembled some collage photo pages for pool work, and balcony projects, and front yards, and backyards, and even the creative popular 'grass grout' projects.  Scroll through to the bottom.  Find your particular inspiration...

Here's a collage of backyard creativity with our grass:

Backyard makeovers are our largest singular usage for Versatile Grass

Here's a collage of our grass around pool projects:

Next collage shows how 'toe-wiggling' grass is so much better than cold concrete on a balcony.  And so much prettier:

Check out how wonderful and functional thick soft grass can be on a front yard!  Superb fresh 'curb appeal':

Never be shy.  The seasonal stability of Versatile Grass means you can consider using it just about any way that you can imagine!  The 'grass grout' fashion is ramping in popularity of late: