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Larger yard makeovers and our inventoried synthetic artificial grass styles....

Very exciting!  The main focus of our company from Day One has been as a pioneering inventory-stocking Canadian distributor.... supplying large sized grass rectangular panels, custom sized, and taken from our prime warehouse inventory rolls.  We have 100ft long grass rolls at 12ft wide, 13ft wide, and some at 15ft wide.... and in prime season start we have over 100,000 sqft of this landscaping material to access from Toronto.  So never be shy.

Quick note about what we "do" and "don't do", and what you need know.......

We are a large distributor to the landscaper trade.... and we also are happy to work direct with private homeowners too.  That landscaper partner can assist you with basic ground advance preparation and all things that a landscaper does!  Drainage, walkways, gardens, patios, etc., and of course our grass!  BUT we also run a very specialized 'for-hire' installation CREW that can assist both landscaper trades and private consumers (you) with grass delivery, grass seaming/ fitting/ trimming/ stretching/ perimeter anchoring, and provide all reputable seam tape and turf adhesive and landscape spikes (and carpet install tools... because our grass is akin to carpet).  BUT we don't ever do raw ground shaping or granular stone preparation.  

So to restate this, remember: Versatile Grass is a serious wholesaler/distributor very happy to sell grass raw materials direct to you, and we also broker a 'for hire' grass carpet install crew, BUT we never pretend to be an earth shaping and yard configuring landscaper.... there are many many hundreds of such landscape and garden professionals and talents that are skilled specialists with dedicated crews and unique equipment.  We will follow after your landscaper performs.

Below are some of the popular Toronto inventoried synthetic grass bestsellers in our Canadian program.  Do get excited!  Swatch samples are available to you, and you can also compare 2ft x 4ft oversize samples at our Etobicoke (West Toronto) office.....

Let's start with one of our huge bestsellers, Palace Plush 90:

Now, you really should see this grass style in an actual Toronto real world installation, agree?  Here's a cute one (but explore the massive portfolio on this site to see many more too): 

Next grass up is a beauty.  Champion Blade 103 defines the top end of our dynamic industry:

and we have many Champion installations in Toronto to show off as well.  I loved this cute mature Toronto backyard makeover:

and another awesome Toronto backyard that selected Versatile's Champion Blade 103:


Next up is Refined Gold 82..... another winner grass style on our inventory shelves:

and as powerful testimony here is my own Toronto home outfitted with Refined Gold 82:

Castle Green is the slightly junior sibling to big brother Palace Plush.  It is a dominant grass seller for us:

and, yes, you should see it too used in the real world on a Toronto installation site:

Next up: Special Blade 66 has a looser deliberately more open visual and texture.  We have a serious installed base of Toronto work:

The last grass in this list I called FreshStart FRESHBLADE.  Silky soft, yet 3D.  And sewn very dense.  We still have a few full rolls left as I write this (always check with your rep):

and how pretty is FreshBlade when it is installed?  Awesome.  Here's a job I find very attractive: