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Larger yard makeovers and our inventoried synthetic artificial grass styles....

We have a well-researched and respectfully manageable grass style selection for you, and we're precisely 'tuned' for Toronto GTA and Ontario Canada! 

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Share your grass plans with me

I'm going to ask you to get your cell phone out and snap a couple or few pictures of the areas getting serviced.... make me smarter.  And as best you are able educate me with dimensions and an enlightening sketch (my objective is to rapid reconstruct your yard in my software).  Why?  From your feedback I'm going to workup a benchmark digital estimate.  Trust me, it is very enlightening. 

Here's what we do:

We're a reliable 15-year early pioneer in the synthetic grass business.  But we are never to be confused as being a full-service landscaper or a grass installation contractor, rather we logically and smartly defer to the very many GTA properly equipped and experienced landscape tradespeople [our finishing grass material most often is but one single element of a full yard makeover project].   


Now let me introduce my grass family:  I’ve done all the tedious shopping research rigor for you, and I've included my guiding personal comments. It's a simplified list covering 'very good', 'even better', and 'the best'... you will decide what is comfortable for your household budget and job and most importantly your expectations.  Remember to scroll the whole list  -ROB

OK. We have affordable grass of course.  Buy to your expectations and situation.  Think: "Million dollar homes might not wear blue jeans, but blue jeans will always have a home".  You'll understand your household comfort with your eyes and hands.  Now enjoy the shopping:

Now, check out our Santa Monica 77: This proved to be our season's superstar in the 'strange' 2020 season.  Safe, fresh tech, and visuals, and surprisingly aggressive low pricing too.  You'll want to start here:

Curious what Santa Monica 77 looks like installed in Toronto?  Check out these pictures:

and here's another used as a wonderful pool surround (Santa Monica 77 seams beautifully... the crew loved it!)

Here is a new approach with greater 'taste' of the tan colour effect reaching the surface.  Still have some GTA inventory (but just a wee taste left, the container sold out fast)! Mother Nature I'm sure is applauding this creativity:Harmony Hybrid 84 by Versatile Grass

Here's our AUGUSTA PRIME 90, proudly tufted in the USA, a hefty soft slab of high-tech and green indeed:Augusta Prime

And you should see how Augusta Prime looks like in the real world:Now, if you take Augusta Prime (above) and make it even heavier and denser you get Augusta ELITE.  This pushed the envelope for touching the very top end for synthetic grass.  I loved it myself.  But it was so top end that the mill couldn't realize the necessary production volumes to keep it alive... I was just alerted that it is in gentle retirement now (I'm sad) BUT I note for all that they have 107,000 square feet still on the shelf.  Inventory is dynamic and always getting smaller so if this style 'lights your fire' tap me an email and I'll explore what still remains on the shelf.  Fingers crossed...Augusta Elite

Castle Green has been a Canadian bestseller for years now.  Admirably middle-market 'happy', a landscaper favorite! Down to our very last few rolls, some at 6ft wide, a bit still at 12ft wide.  Be quick, only until inventory is all gone:

Say hello to our awesome Goldilocks grass:St Augustine Pro Soft


Let's be upfront, our grass industry is akin to the familiar auto industry.... there are levels of premium quality to be had and enjoyed as your lifestyle may command.  What are your expectations? What will make you happy? This one is definitely sweet to touch:  Fescue Elite

And our tallest grass fashion:Bermuda Elite Plus

We have a few 'specialty grasses' too...

We bring to Canada visually the very best nylon putting surface (just read the descriptive comments below!).  And we also have two special grasses that have been engineered to be 'low profile and tight' yet pack in impressive sheer performance weight.  (Think: just like carpeting... lower denser carpet becomes more suitable for commercial use.  Remember: our grass is carpet) These exist because they are steady sellers.  Perhaps they deliver exactly what you need for your project? Don't be shy. Consider!

First up is the very versatile crisp hard surface.  Most jobs go towards classic golf putting play (wonderful), but there are so many other uses (trade shows? retail? basket ball bounce? bocce?)Sport Putt Nylon 63

This low slab of grass just happens to incorporate the cuteness of our classic landscaping fashions.  Love the authentic curly tan-coloured thatch nest!:Breeder's Choice

This product has been around for many many years.  Why? High performance surface that happens to also be 'friendly' to the touch.  If it's powerful enough for indoor sports arenas,  then it is comfortably wonderful for any creative uses you might envision.  Get your creative juices flowing:Fescue Recreation