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Larger yard makeovers and our inventoried synthetic artificial grass styles....

Thank you for arriving at our product page.  Figuring out the unfamiliar and overwhelming world of synthetic grass is enough to drive up your blood pressure and trigger selection anxiety.  Trust me, I know, I've been supplying artificial grass for Canadians since 2005... yep, that's 19 years now.  There is 'zero victory' when a pop-up seasonal guy simply throws their entire supplier's catalogue of 50 grass styles at you and your family.  That's just plain lazy.  How does that in any way assist you or guide your selection decision?  So, that all said, we're different.  Read on...

I've done the hard shopping for you! 

I've been in the carpet textile industry since 1981 (by gosh, this guy must be old enough to be somebody's grandpa!) and embraced grass as a pioneer for Canada in 2005.  (yes, grass IS CARPET, same tufting machines and logistics and thinking). I learn every year, I learn with every mill partner, I learn with every blade type and colour, I learn for you and shop for you in advance so that you don't have to.  Simple. And I invest my very own money upfront to support my selection decisions.  That's very very powerful testimony, agree?  Keep reading...

Grass shopping just got easier and safer! 

Indulge my 'wordiness' because it does make my point: 

It is safe and astute and logical to consider the latest and greatest engineering and tech, e.g. you do it for cell phones, and electric cars, and computers    And as a serious researching shopper you take your grass shopping 'queues' from your peers, your neighbours who have blazed the trail for you. So today we highlight for you our 2024 offering, the singular bestselling grass in our long history.  Complex, sophisticated, properly upscale, and colour-tuned exactly for our Toronto and the GTA, and boasting a massive portfolio of impressive installations. Grass selection made easy.  Now, let's get to know our DoubleSoft 96 ALL SEASON...


UPDATE NEWS TO SHARE FOR 2024 SEASON:  We 'hit the proverbial home run' with our DoubleSOFT 96 across the full 2021, 2022, and 2023 Ontario grass seasons.  DoubleSOFT 96 became our all-time singular bestselling grass in our 19 year history! Toronto and the GTA embraced, and the installation portfolio is impressive.  Powerful testimony for you as you research and shop. Back again for an encore performance for 2024, massive fresh local Toronto inventory for instant gratification, no waiting.

NEW SMARTER URBAN ROLL WIDTHS FOR 2024Our new inventory is now a very unique 12ft wide.  Why? The old 15ft rolls were absolutely valid for real big sports fields, sure, but our predominant livelihood is servicing the residential big city urban world, and that means restricted site access, congested streets, smaller complex applications.  The new 12ft Versatile Grass has proven to be more material efficient for most, the rolls are friendlier weights and bulk for your tradespeople, and less intimidating behemoth rolls to wrestle with.  Just makes sense. Smart for all. We are 100% happy with our custom manufacturing decision and have never looked back...

Rather serious grass, eh Canada?


“… anything you can do with real sod you can do even better with this Versatile Grass.  The perfect close to any complex landscaping project. Instant smiles all aroundSignificantly fewer assembly seams and critter entry opportunities.  Consistently stable visuals.  Pet friendly.  Kid play friendly. All season tough. A perfectly clean poolside partner. And all those benefits without the weekly grooming, without the weed plague, without the watering, without the coaxing to stay green.  A lifestyle choice that you may now be ready for.”   - Rob Mislan, Chief Grass Enthusiast, Versatile Grass, Toronto

OK Rob, but what does this grass look like actually installed in the real world?

 and another Toronto job too:

and another:

maybe just one more:

A grass 'homerun': another lovely install...

Here's one more to help you decide:


ORDER NOW. GUARANTEED PROTECTED SUPPLY LOCKED IN JUST FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT. We ask please for just a respectful day or two for my wonderful warehouse team to configure your custom size(s)... being in a panic serves no one, agree?

We will be starting our exciting new 2024 season with our west end Toronto warehouse shelves full.  Swatch sampling and prime fresh full rolls are available now, just send us an email.  Book your grass material now, we will guarantee supply and protect your order.  Tell your landscape partner that you only want Versatile's DoubleSoft 96 ALL SEASON, no substitutions, no lighter weights, no simple plain blades, no disappointments.  Remember always: you are dressing up your very valuable property investment in a green 'suit of clothes' for the world to admire..... the grass MUST always complement the property and your expectations for a decade or two to come!

Share your grass plans with me

I'm going to ask you to get your cell phone out and snap a couple or few pictures of the areas getting serviced.... make me smarter.  And as best you are able educate me with dimensions and an enlightening sketch (my objective is to rapid reconstruct your yard in my software).  Why?  From your feedback I'm going to workup a benchmark digital estimate.  Trust me, it is very enlightening. 

Here's what we do: We supply your fresh grass rolls AND we run an optional 'for hire' grass finishing installation crew

We will broker our hired crew to do their full grass servicing bundle… pickup, deliver, truck, gas, all team helpers, WSIB, insured, wrestle into yard, fit, trim, kick, stretch, seam with stadium rated seam tape and only accredited industry best adhesive, perimeter anchor with landscaping spikes, edge trim and tuck, and power groom. Time, tools, truck, and talent. Our experienced crew will be ‘worthy of their hire’. We direct our partners to understand advance ground preparation requirements at this link:

We're a reliable 19-year early pioneer in the synthetic grass business.  We are supremely meticulous 'finishing grass trade technicians' that supply and install our own grass... But we are never to be confused as being a full-service landscaper, rather we logically and smartly defer that 'front end hardscaping' to the very many GTA properly equipped and experienced landscape tradespeople [our finishing grass material most often is but one single element of a full yard makeover project].   We will work direct for you of course for material supply, or we are at peace working with the landscape professional of your hire.  Reach out to us to for a free estimate.  We can also perhaps share or suggest names of landscape partners to assist with the advance 'hardscape design and execution', and we can discuss optional assistance with the finesse grass material install as you may encourage.  -Robert Mislan, Versatile Grass Inc.


We have 'specialty grasses' too... 

There will be situations when perhaps a lower profile and denser grass style may be astute e.g. bocce play, dog runs, feature insert grout strips, gyms and workout and sports, or trade show events and displays.  We understand that and we have a Toronto inventoried specialtly selection called Performance MultiPLAY 83.  We built it at 30mm tall (that's 1.18 inch) and at the GTA 'Urban Smart' 12-wide natural roll width. Check out the graphics below:

Yes, we have an upscale classy putting surface too!

We bring to Canada visually one of the very best putting and sports play surfaces.  I know, I specified and created them for Canada!  Why is it special you ask?  We deliberately engineered our surface with a much heavier face weight (that's just the weight of the tufted blades and fibres, does not include the backing weight or back coatings... careful, don't get fooled and mislead, be awareOurs is a beefy over-built 60 oz/m2 face weight (ok, actual mill precise target is disclosed 59.8 oz/m2+- with usual tufting tolerances).  Now, that weight is sewn into a 16mm thickness. or .63 inch if you prefer, a tangible underfoot cushioning trying best we can to emulate the lushness of your favourite club's putting greens. Gosh, just do your project proper from the start, buy smart with "eyes wide open", never tempt disappointment and never settle for 50% or 60% of the face weight, simple shopping diligence, agree?.  -ROB

I personally like this very versatile crisp hard surface.  Most jobs go towards classic golf putting play (wonderful), but there are so many other uses (trade shows? retail? basket ball bounce? bocce?)  FRESH FOR 2023 at urban smart new 12ft widths too