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Larger yard makeovers and our inventoried synthetic artificial grass styles....

We have a well-researched and respectfully manageable grass style selection for you, and we're precisely 'tuned' for Toronto GTA and Ontario Canada!  The main focus of our company from Day One has been as a pioneering inventory-stocking Canadian distributor.... supplying large sized grass rectangular panels, custom sized, and taken from our prime warehouse inventory rolls.  We have 100ft long grass rolls at 6ft wide (new!), 12ft wide, 13ft wide, and at 15ft wide.... and in prime season start we have over 100,000 sqft of this landscaping material to access from Toronto.  So never be shy.  We have invested large to ensure rapid service for you.

 Quick note about what we "do" and "don't do", and what you need know.......

First, as I do with every new client, I'm going to ask you to get your cell phone out and snap a couple or few pictures of the areas getting serviced.... make me smarter.  And as best you are able educate me with dimensions and an enlightening sketch (my objective is to rapid reconstruct your yard in my software).  Why?  From your feedback I'm going to workup a benchmark digital estimate.  Trust me, it is very enlightening.  We define what we do and don't do, how we approach your unique yard, and we give you a darn good budget expectation.  Then jobs proceed comfortably to the next level of detail and planning. 

Here's what we do: We are a focused specialist ‘grass-only’ distributor/supplier direct to DIY (do-it-yourself) homeowners, builders, contractors, landscapers, and creative thinkers. Remember: there is no earth shaping or granular stone base service or other landscaping construction ever embraced by our future proposal, nor any grass installation suggested either. We are never to be confused as being a full-service landscaper or a grass installation contractor, rather we logically and smartly defer to the very many GTA properly equipped and experienced tradespeople [our finishing grass material most often is but one single element of a full yard makeover project].   

Now let me introduce my grass family 

Below are some of the popular Toronto inventoried synthetic grass bestsellers in our Canadian program.  Do get excited!  Swatch samples are available to you, and you can also compare 2ft x 4ft oversize samples at our Etobicoke (West Toronto) office.....

I suspect you’re shopping rather extensively online and are approaching ‘confusion overload’. Far too many choices and you can’t make any sense of the differences. So I’ve done all the shopping research rigour for you.

LET'S START:  I'm keen to introduce our brand spanking new grass fashions for 2019..... TripleSOFT Fineblade 60 and Harmony HYBRID 84. You can call them revolutionary? Or evolutionary? I made this grass family "visually quieter".....less bold, less faultless, arguably a more casual comfortable harmony for your needs. Agreed, many folks will continue to select our robust regular bestselling lineup (of course, they're awesome), but now Versatile Grass also gives you another valid style choice, an option... and this reimagined grass may be the ‘happy victory’ you are vigilantly chasing. Before you invest and commit to any other 'personalityless' online grass database, find 20 minutes and visit us in central Etobicoke to physically touch 2ft x 4ft sampling and just compare. That removes the 'fear factor' from an unfamiliar infrequent purchase. I think that's 20 minutes exceptionally well spent! -ROB MISLAN, owner.

Understand my new grass fashion.... a 'better' mainstream 60oz and its big-brother 'best' at 84 ounce... every household has its personal budget comfort reality, so pick the style that makes everyone in the family smile large.  Email me with any questions:

Harmony Hybrid 84 by Versatile Grass

and of course here's our Harmony 84 used in some wonderful real world GTA yards:

TripleSoft 60 is simply the lighter face weight version of big brother Harmony 84:

and one of our inaugural installations in TripleSoft upon opening the arrived fresh container:

NEW: We are embracing a heavyweight American beauty for our 2020 season. Having a formidable textile partner in Dalton Georgia USA, we can rapidly participate in their North American inventory so we're not shy of any job big or small!  This is our AUGUSTA PRIME 90

We got to know Augusta Prime 90 in October 2019 servicing a dramatic private school play yard makeover in Pickering Ontario.  Here's another picture of the facility "in progress":

Next consideration while our inventory remains was itself fresh and new to start our past 2018 season.  I'm sure you'll love it.  DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84.  I used a 'less aggressive' 3-D very fine blade system (I cutely call it 'chubby-core' or 'fat-core'.... just hold the grass cross section against a bright back light like the sun and quickly understand this sweet engineering).  Just touch DoubleSOFT once to understand it is 'baby-bottom' soft too, and it is one of the highest stitch grid builds of all our grasses.  That means no messy in-fill to tolerate. If your grass expectation is to be super soft for your kids or bare feet then make sure you touch this style while you shop.  I love it, I invested in it.  Get to know it:

So how does DoubleSOFT 84 look in a real world Canadian yard?  Here is a  'season-start' Toronto installation:

DoubleSOFT 84 synthetic grass

Next on our lineup tour is one of our huge repeating bestsellers, Palace Plush 90.  Top end to be sure, no compromise here at all:

Now, you really should see this grass style in an actual Toronto real world installation, agree?  Here's a cute one (but explore the massive portfolio on this site to see many more too): 

Next grass up is a beauty.  Champion Blade 103 defines the top end of our dynamic industry... we're down to our last few Canadian rolls so don't delay:

and we have many Champion installations in Toronto to show off as well.  I loved this cute mature Toronto backyard makeover:

and another awesome Toronto backyard that selected Versatile's Champion Blade 103:


Next up is Refined Gold 82..... another winner grass style on our inventory shelves.  Robert did his own front yard in this grass (what does that tell you?)!  I've made sure we have strong immediate inventory to start 2019 with.  Never a mistake with Refined 82:

and as powerful testimony here is my own Toronto home outfitted with Refined Gold 82:

Next up is Castle Green, the slightly junior sibling to big brother Palace Plush.  It is a dominant grass seller for us.  And I want you make note that we have Castle Green in Toronto on our shelves as BOTH unique 6ft wide AND 12ft wide...rather unique, industry special.  Select the width that satisfies your job needs efficiently.  Castle Green I share has become our highest volume seller, itself a repeating annual offering:

and, yes, you should see it too used in the real world on a Toronto installation site:

Next up but last roll for this bestseller: Special Blade 66 has a looser deliberately more open visual and texture.  We have a serious installed base of Toronto work BUT down to our very last roll inventory position for 2019.... so tap Rob an email to explore what he has left in Toronto:

And now a quick mention of our performance grass, our sports grass, our 'golf 'putting' surface.  This is an industry UNIQUE all-nylon engineered surface, and beautifully sophisticated with its three-colour yarn blend for authentic realism.  Great for ball bouncing and bocce and court sports, and of course outdoor golf putting!  Yes, it's a tougher all-season surface, no apologies, but it delivers as promised.  Check it out:

and of course you must see Sports PUTT Nylon 63 in the real world: