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How to get ready!

Good base preparation is fundamental to your proper grass job.  Usually Versatile Grass should be the very last clean 'finishing trade' or component at your jobsite.  In advance of your Versatile Grass material arriving at your job you will have laid out walkways and stone tiles and garden bed edging and planting beds and decks and fencing and structures. Just makes sense!  ANALOGY: "You design and build the house first BEFORE the finishing carpet gets installed." Grass is exactly the same.


The messy excavation and shaping and formatting and design creativity and astute drainage and landscaping diligence and granular deliver/spread/compaction is astutely embraced by landscaping talent.... knowledgeable and appropriately equipped and staffed.  Just makes unchallengeable sense.  Everyone is good at what they specialize in.  No one should ever 'pretend' at full service landscaping diligence and experience just to enable a grass sale... be careful, be smart, only award your project to competent partners. Here's my guidance to you and it is to be shared liberally with your hired talent:ground preparation guide Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario

So again I restate this, remember: Versatile Grass is a serious wholesaler/distributor very happy to sell grass raw materials direct to you, and we also broker a 'for hire' grass carpet install crew, BUT we never pretend to be an earth shaping and yard configuring landscaper.... there are many many hundreds of such landscape and garden professionals and talents that are skilled specialists with dedicated crews and unique equipment to do this front-end hardscaping.  We are the experienced finishing grass trade install technicians. We will follow after your landscaper or handyman or contractor or you yourself perform the ground base work.

Ground preparation guide Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario


We've noticed over the years that our clients have grown increasingly comfortable and confident laying down our Versatile Grass into their own projects.  That's wonderful!  We applaud and encourage.  Just have the mindset that our grass is the very same as familiar carpeting or very familiar sod.  WHAT IS THEIR BIGGEST SINGLE WORRY?  Seaming.  Of course it is, but see the Versatile Grass graphic below that we hope inspires an "I can do that" revelation:

Versatile Synthetic Grass grout inserts

Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario