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BIG YARD-SIZED PROJECTS! 6ft/12ft/13ft/15ft WIDE ROLLS. A formidable selection to transform your big property

YES, WE CAN SATISFY YOUR BACKYARD AND FRONTYARD AND LARGE INSTALLED AREAS!  This is our main supply strength.  Prime grass rolls (think just like traditional carpeting) stocked in Toronto GTA right now! And Versatile Grass is a very unique special supplier:  we have 6ft, 12ft, 13ft and 15ft wide prime roll goods (fresh rolls are 100ft long but we will custom cut to whatever length your job site demands) Buy a Specific Style and Size of our Synthetic Artificial Grass

We have a serious commitment to grass roll inventory on our GTA Toronto warehouse. We would like you to reach into that inventory and order a fresh cutting of any specific style that intrigues you, and indicate the size that you want with the drop down menu arrow. We'll look forward to seeing your order at the checkout!

NOTE: unit pricing is for a LINEAL FOOT of the respective grass width..... so a 12ft grass will show a lower unit price than a 13ft or a 15ft wide grass.  Remember that!  So it is NOT an 'apples-to-apples' simple price comparison when you look at  lineal prices... you must  remember.  (our published Square Foot pricing is what you use to understand relative style pricing)