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Contact us... synthetic artificial grass pioneering supply resource in Toronto Ontario

  • Place an exploratory inquiry with us  MAKE US SMARTER ABOUT YOUR NEEDS  Shared 'square feet' is lovely, yes, but because we work with 'rectangular panels of grass' (just like carpet) we would much rather receive the DIMENSIONS of your project... and maybe a sketch too and a few digital photos from your mobile phone to put those dimensions into proper context.  Make us smarter, more detail is better, and you will then get back from us a much more accurate realistic budget proposal (and that is what will be truly helpful to you, agree?).  We use industry unique software to optimize your material purchase, but also to ensure we respect all the proper rules for installation and alignment.  So don't be shy, if you are serious with this inquiry to us we will be thorough and impressive in our proposal back to you!
  • Robert Mislan is the owner of Versatile Grass Inc (central Etobicoke based in West Toronto, Renforth/Eglinton area). He started Versatile Grass way back in 2005, pioneering synthetic grass in Canada's very largest market.  That was over 2,400 grass projects ago.  Robert looks after the big GTA (Greater Toronto Area), and administers the full head office operations.  Not bad for an old guy!  
  • Robert Mislan Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario
  • Quick history:  Versatile Grass was a wonderful diversification 19 years ago of Rob's 35 year carpet background and his other companies, and his 6,000+ installed carpet jobs in the GTA).  Much earned experience working for you.  Email Rob direct at (he prefers the initial email approach from you to first allow him to establish a base job understanding and then to workup a proper discussion foundation for you) or indeed call him on the main office phone:  416-621-8938
  • AN OPEN INVITATION:come spend 20 minutes at our informal office in Central Etobicoke (the Renforth/Eglinton neighbourhood of Toronto), many many serious shoppers do, to see an actual grass yard installation and to see our entire lineup of grass styles in oversize 2ft x 4ft jumbo Versatile Grass samples, plus all support displays.  You have my undivided attention to answer all of your many grass shopping questions.  Free educational time very well spent!  I can email drive map and address for your GPS (but always by setup appointment as I need be here to meet!).
  • Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario
  • Versatile synthetic artificial grass turf Toronto GTA Ontario