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Just imagine! Find some inspiration in the pictures below. Scroll to the bottom. See how effective our Versatile synthetic artificial grass can be...

My Versatile Grass business started in 2005, a beautiful logical diversification from my 30 years and 6,000 contracts+ in the Canadian carpeting market.  I write this twelve years later, now with a finished sale portfolio healthily well over 2,000 contracts in the Toronto and GTA area.  Now that's serious.... we're a serious partner for you.  We are not a transient pop-up one season flash-in-pan contractor (be careful).  We are 'show off' proud of all the work we do.  Allow me to rapid share a taste of a quick dozen or two grass transformations that we've done..... now just imagine your own Versatile Grass project!  -Robert Mislan,  January 2017