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Hello! Know us, Know our synthetic artificial grass work in Toronto and Ontario... and contact us

Thank you very much for your interest in our exciting realistic Versatile grass.  Also called artificial grass and artificial turf, or synthetic grass and synthetic turf, one of the most dynamic landscaping trends of late has been the birth and emergence of realistic grass landscaping systems. VERSATILE GRASS brings to Toronto and Ontario and Canada thick and deep people friendly toe wiggling grass systems. The upfront instant benefits are impressive: NO weekly mowing. NO watering obligation. NO pesticide usage. NO bothersome weeding, and consistent week-to-week visual stability. New state-of-the-art 3D three dimensional blade cross-section profiles in the Versatile Grass style lineup have dramatically vaulted our grasses to rather impressive visual realism and new levels of engineered resilience and appearance retention.

"I never fail to get excited over the new industry innovations, and I own the company.... you will be too the first time you wiggle your fingers through our samples and the first time you see the oversize grass sampling"  -ROB MISLAN, owner

    VERSATILE GRASS can be used effectively for your residential front and back yards (think of the freedom and time that releases back to you!). It can easily be used for children’s playgrounds, child care centres, patios, pools, decks, balconies, boulevards. Or consider it for a broad range of more commercial usages such as school grounds, trade shows, rooftops, show homes, and any sort of property management. We use the slogan “for everywhere you can imagine” and that just about tells the whole story.

    This will be our 13th Anniversary season in 2018 as a Canadian grass distributor (we're one of the very first 'pioneers' bringing this landscaping material to Canadians. Versatile was 'born' in 2005), and I'd love to have you join our portfolio now easily surpassing 2,000 grass jobs! 

      I have much to share with you as you explore and learn and shop.  But let's start with the simply powerful testimony of work we have done for your Toronto GTA neighbours. Here is just a first taste of a few Toronto Versatile Grass jobs, get inspired, get excited:

      dog run

      Many more job pictures and slideshows within this website! 
      Place an exploratory inquiry with us: MAKE US SMARTER ABOUT YOUR NEEDS: Shared 'square feet' is lovely, yes, but because we work with 'rectangular panels of grass' (just like carpet) we would much rather receive the DIMENSIONS of your project... and maybe a sketch too and a few digital photos from your mobile phone to put those dimensions into proper context.  Make us smarter, more detail is better, and you will then get back from us a much more accurate realistic budget proposal (and that is what will be truly helpful to you, agree?).  We use industry unique software to optimize your material purchase, but also to ensure we respect all the proper rules for installation and alignment.  So don't be shy, if you are serious with this inquiry to us we will be thorough and impressive in our proposal back to you!
      AN OPEN INVITATION:come spend 20 minutes at our informal office in Central Etobicoke (the Renforth/Eglinton neighbourhood of Toronto), many many serious shoppers do, to see an actual grass yard installation and to see our entire lineup of grass styles in oversize 2ft x 4ft jumbo Versatile Grass samples, plus all support displays.  You have my undivided attention to answer all of your many grass shopping questions.  Free educational time very well spent!  I can email drive map and address for your GPS (but always by setup appointment as I need be here to meet!).
      OUR WAREHOUSE is where our giant grass rolls are stored and then configured against Canadian orders.  It is on Goreway Drive (just east and north of Pearson Airport).  With four (4) loading docks and a drive-up ramp this may be where you choose to pickup your grass order... or send a hired transport carrier or installation crew.  We would give you the needed release document and we would also email the explicit driving map and needed pickup particulars.

      Robert Mislan (who is central Etobicoke based in West Toronto, Renforth/Eglinton area) started Versatile Grass way back in 2005, pioneering synthetic grass in Canada's very largest market.  That was over 2,000 grass projects ago.  Robert looks after the big area of Central and West GTA, and administers the full head office operations.  Not bad for an old guy!  

      Quick history:  Versatile Grass was a wonderful diversification 12 years ago of Rob's 35 year carpet background and his other companies, and his 6,000+ installed carpet jobs in the GTA).  Much earned experience working for you.  Email Rob direct at (he also prefers the initial email approach from you to first allow him to establish a base job understanding and then to workup a proper discussion foundation for you) or indeed call him on the main office phone:  416-621-8938