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Buy a Specific Style and Size of our Synthetic Artificial Grass

We have a serious commitment to grass roll inventory at our GTA Toronto warehouse.  We would like you to reach into that inventory and order a fresh cutting of our exciting and wonderful DoubleSoft 96 ALL SEASON.

HELPFUL HINT: zero obligation, no risk, no cost at all, just an investment in learning: Just email Robert at or email Patrick at and just tell us what you want or envision... a complex big yard?  a cute piece for your deck? a balcony piece for your puppy and sunbathing?

UPDATE CANADA: DoubleSOFT 96 became a multi-year all-time bestseller! And we made the executive decision to manufacture at a new and unique 'urban smart' 12 foot roll width.  That too became a brilliant decision... manageable roll bulk and weight, easier handling, and better material efficiencies for almost all jobs. -ROB MISLAN, owner

If you wish just a balcony or deck or patio grass rug or mat then you should explore the few hundred very unique sized and opportunistic pieces available through this very website.  Explore.  Find your treasure.  Instant check-out feature too!

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