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Special Blade 66 A visually more 'open' and 'textured' grass surface, a bestseller!

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We are a Canadian 'pioneer' as a full-fledged distributor of synthetic grass, in fact we're just about to start up our twelfth year.  We evolve and grow with the industry, and we learn with every multi-roll inventory we place.  My point is that client grass 'tastes' vary.... think: we all drive different cars, wear different clothes, have our favorite colours and foods.  So one grass does not necessarily fit all people.  

Versatile's SPECIAL BLADE 66 is deliberately engineered to present a 'looser' and 'more open' grass texture and surface, a very valid selection alternative in our lineup of available styles.  Turns out our thinking resonated with Canadians too..... Special Blade 66 (this 13ft version) and its 15ft wide identical brother grass both sold (literal) tonnage, certified huge bestsellers.

Here's the tech disclosure for those diligently researching:  45mm tall (that's 1.77 inch tall) and is presented as unique 13ft wide natural roll widths.  Now importantly we built this with 105 stitches per metre (left/right) by 110 stitches (north/south) virtually a perfect balanced stitch grid!  That's 11,550 stitches per metre2.  One other very important differentiating distinction:  we use a very slender refined 'fineblade' grass blade, NOT a wide broad slit film that looks like it was born of a garbage bag lineage.  Ours is a 3D "W" shaped cross section blade that balances visual sophistication, friendly touch, and springy resilience.... our best selling 3D now starting its 5th year.  Careful now: I use the analogy of 'hamburg beef' versus 'prime rib beef'...... yes, hamburg is cheaper of course and initially distracting as you shop, but that is a false economy if your brain expectation is for an astute proper longer term investment (and that is what grass is).  In our own company I always partner with the better engineered grasses, I think you should too.

Here's how it works:  Just click on the marketing page below left side.  A new page will pop up quick and you will see a 'drop down menu' selection list.  These are the various lengths that you may order, all by the natural 13ft width.  So plan you project and grass needs, select the cut size that works for you, and add it to your shopping cart!  Enjoy  

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