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Refined Gold 82 A very astute grass selection, our 'sweet spot'

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You are researching synthetic grass, are overwhelmed with all the distracting variety, but just want to make the proper and correct investment and selection decision.  Understand, we are the same:  Versatile Grass shops the primary industry manufacturers diligently and astutely and as simple powerful testimony we upfront serious real cash money to stock our Canadian warehouse shelves for you.  Just think about that for a moment.  So what was our grass selection?  We have filled our Toronto warehouse for 2017 with REFINED GOLD 82.  This grass boasts an 82 ounce blade face weight (that is clearly in the much better end of the industry) and more so it is a high-tech 3D blade (Think with this analogy: 35 or 45 ounces of hamburg beef or 82 ounces of prime rib beef....  the hamburg is cheaper of course, but you are wanting the better cut as the proper investment.  You probably bought your car with this same logic. Smart).  1.89 inch tall (that's 48mm) and for the diligence record a 105 stitch by 130 stitch sewing grid which equals 13,650 stitched per metre2.  A realistic tan-coloured buried support 'thatch' crimped yarn.  In fact we did our own high profile 'showroom' installation in this very same grass.   We tell clients face-to-face that this is our 'Goldilocks' grass.... not too junior, not too excessive, rather it is 'just right'.  It was right for us as a grass specialist.  It is right for you too, be at peace please.  We welcome you as a customer.

Now, Refined Gold 82 is a unique 13ft wide naturally (think like a carpeting roll).  We will custom cut to your required length.  Plan carefully always.  The rolls quickly get large and heavy as length need grows, we will learn weight and bulk as you present your order.  Easy and free Monday thru Friday dock pickup at our warehouse near Toronto's Pearson Airport, or speak to your Versatile contact person about arranging other 'for-hire' freight collect delivery service options.  You are always in control.

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