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TripleSOFT Fineblade 60 synthetic artificial grass

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I suspect you’re shopping rather extensively online and are approaching ‘confusion overload’. Far too many choices and you can’t make any sense of the differences. So I’ve done all the shopping research rigour for you. I introduce our brand spanking new grass fashion for 2019..... TripleSOFT Fineblade 60. You can call it revolutionary? Or evolutionary? I made this grass fashion "visually quieter".....less bold, less faultless, arguably a more casual comfortable harmony for your needs. Yes, many folks will select our robust regular bestselling lineup, but now Versatile Grass also gives you a valid style choice, an option... and this reimagined grass may be the ‘happy victory’ you are vigilantly chasing. Before you invest and commit to any other online grass, find 20 minutes and visit us in central Etobicoke to physically touch 2ft x 4ft sampling and just compare. I think 20 minutes exceptionally well spent! -ROB MISLAN, owner.

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