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DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84 synthetic artificial grass

  • $95.55
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Allow me to introduce our brand spanking new grass for 2018.  I'm sure you'll love it.  DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84.  I used a 'less aggressive' 3-D very fine blade system (I cutely call it 'chubby-core' or 'fat-core'.... just hold the grass cross section against a bright back light like the sun and quickly understand this sweet engineering).  Just touch DoubleSOFT  once to understand it is 'baby-bottom' soft too, and it is also the highest stitch grid build of all our grasses.  If your grass expectation is to be super soft for your kids or bare feet then make sure you touch this style while you shop.  I love it, I invested in it.  Get to know it:

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