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FreshStart FRESHBLADE Our cute silky soft 'ribbed' blade grass: "Your biggest bang for smallest buck"

We fell in love with FreshStart FRESHBLADE as soon as the mill tufting trials came to us for sign-back approval.  This was to be the singular best industry grass value we could find, and we shopped very hard.  Now let's tell you why we invested in it:

This is our middle-market grass, but be assured we still specified the 3D ribbed blade cross section to physically contribute to resilience and appearance retention.  Those 3D yarns were then sewn (tufted) into a double backing scrim in a well-above-average stitch density..... very specifically for those that need know 105 stitches east/west per metre by a huge 180 stitches north/south per metre, and that imparts a grid stitch density of 18,900 stitches per square metre.  Wow!  The engineering also was set at 40mm tall (think 1.57 inch), just right.  And the other immediate bonus is that FreshStart FRESHBLADE is silky soft to the touch.  Impeccable engineering in a value grass.

These are 15 foot wide natural grass rolls.  Instantly perfect for kids and puppies.

Quick share:  this style also found a lovely uptake in the trade show and event marketplace.  Affordable and always pretty for our demanding corporate buyers.  Enjoy!

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS:  Click on the marketing page graphic below left side..... a new page will spring open with a drop down menu arrow and you will be able to select the custom cut length size that satisfied your job.  Click that size.  Add it to your cart.