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DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84 Synthetic Artificial Realistic Grass

DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84 Synthetic Artificial Realistic Grass.   I want to begin by introducing a brand spanking new grass for 2018.  I'm sure you'll love it.  DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84.  I used a 'less aggressive' 3-D very fine blade system (I cutely call it 'chubby-core' or 'fat-core'.... just hold the grass cross section against a bright back light like the sun and quickly understand this sweet engineering).  Just touch DoubleSOFT  once to understand it is 'baby-bottom' soft too, and it is also the highest stitch grid build of all our grasses.  Everyone of us has a different expectation for their grass choice....If your grass expectation is to be super soft for your kids or bare feet then make sure you touch this style while you shop.  I love it, I invested in it.  Get to know it.  How well built is it?  105 stitches east/west by 210 stitches north/south... that's 22,050 stitch grid per m2.  (wow, certainly special for this industry) 

Want to order now?  As I write this we have serious inventory in TORONTO CANADA.  DoubleSOFT Fineblade 84 is naturally 15 foot wide, on a giant long roll, just like carpeting!  So just email ..... we'll make you a custom length cut to satisfy your project need (it will be always 15ft wide but we can make it whatever length you ask for!  Always be a few inches safe, never be short).  

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