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Versatile Grass presents our state-of-the-art HYBRID PORTABLE DUAL realistic grass. This is a high performance one inch thick and dense turf optionally affixed with 5MM impact foam backing, and optionally again with tenacious Velcro brand seaming system. Perfect for all schools and recreation centres, child care facilities and fitness/sports clubs. Click on the photo to explore this unique structure available in Canada now.

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Versatile Grass brings to Canada a full range of specialty turf products. Over 80 engineered unique grass systems for golf/ bocce/ soccer/ baseball/ football/ putting/ childcare centres/ residential and commercial landscaping/ and creative event marketing/ staging/ and photography.

But one thing we have learned is that too much selection, of too many grasses, from too many mills will rapidly confuse and frustrate our clients (and us too!). So we have done our diligence, shopped for you, and now present our 2016 grass lineup. Understand that Versatile Grass is WORTH IT!

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