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There is no greater testimony for anyone contemplating their own project in our Versatile Grass than to examine and study real world installed Versatile jobsites. We have assembled an informative and educational cross section of job sizes and complexities, across many very familiar Ontario neighborhoods. Time well spent as you explore the applications already in place by fellow Canadians.

May we encourage you to click on all our job photos below to view Versatile Grass in Canada ....

Grand Established Avenue Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A professional landscape architect brilliantly incorporated Versatile Grass into her front yard makeover for this prestige neighborhood. Well done Kathy and Courtney.

Forest Hill Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A truly magnificent residence! Attentive and professional landscape contractor was a pleasure to work with. Versatile's impressive 'Canadian Grandeur 71' ET (solid green)is framed by custom cut stone perimeter,and the grandeur of the home and neighborhood. We thoroughly enjoyed working this site.

Lovely Dunvegan Road Neighborhood, Forest Hill Toronto, Ontario - Certainly a delightful project to be invited to work for. A simply gorgeous landscape design, the friendliest of clients to speak with, and a professional construction contractor working ahead of us.

The Lovely Caledon East Community, Ontario - The classic example of how our Versatile Grass can ehance a brand new pool installation. Never will there be weekly lawn mower clippings to spray into the water. The large grass 'sheet' covered all patio stones then the grass was cut and fitted around each stone by hand, effectively just one piece! Very sweet, to be enjoyed for many many years.

Rosedale Neighborhood, St. Clair/ Mt. Pleasant, Toronto - An absolutely charming classic Rosedale property. The new Versatile grass provided a perpetually clean new play area to the right of the magnificent pool for this busy young family. Well done!

Grand Established Forest Hill Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - An elegant backyard for sure, ready for the cover shot of a designer magazine. Versatile Grass GreenThatch 72 was the last finishing poolside element ... also ready for the young lady that lives here to play on !

Richmond Hill, Ontario: After the rigor of major pool construction and planning, and intense landscape earth shaping, the Versatile Green Thatch 80 rolled out to be the final finishing element, and a very dramatic and popular one too! Well done Peter and Zebina.

Something Unique and Special in Dunvegan Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - The architect's plan specified thick textured grass as the embedded highlight for inset 4x4 driveway slabs. Real grass simply would never work bescause of maintenance and traffic and no 'life support', so the project was finessed in an exra dense full bodied Versatile Grass. A singularly special Canadian artwork!

Burnhamthorpe/Ponytrail Neighborhood, Mississauga - Likely the most high tech child centre in Canada, boasting state-of-the-art GoldThatch 60 with geotextile, AND with embedded 2" thick impact padding around the play structures for very best head impact and GMAX test scores! Nicely done Tracey.

Charming College Street West Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Versatile Grass was invited to service a unique interior courtyard of a stately condo conversion of a former church property. We used the new GoldThatch 60HR grass style, and our grass will look the same every week of the year for the young fellow that lives here to play on!

Classic High Park Ravine haven: This was a gorgeous fixtured backyard oasis before the Versatile Gold Thatch 60 unrolled. The new realistic grass was the perfect complementing finishing touch. Exquisite Norma and Steve.

Lovely Livable Caledon Neighborhood - A very classy and beautifully coloured backyard and home fixtures. Bobby used our bestseller GreenThatch 72 OMEGA Blade, and I congratulate him on a finished yard ready for magazine photography!

Eglinton Ave and Allen Road Neighborhood, Toronto - Very nice folks to work with and for, and a spectacularly unique backyard too. Versatile's GreenThach 72. And I suspect that the best design trims and fountains are still to come! Ciao!

The Merton St and Yonge St Neighborhood, Toronto - The management at this condo wrestled with visual instability and maintenance battles for their prominent streetfront boulevard inserts. Versatile Grass installed our top end GoldThatch 80 ounce beauty in September, all ready now for the winter!

The Courtleigh Neighborhood, Avenue Road and Lawrence in Toronto - A gazebo structure that should be on every one's wish list! Now framed in Versatile's bestseller GreenThatch 72. And the family doggy will have a hard time turning this grass yellow and muddy!

Dunvegan/ Spadina Neighborhood, Forest Hill Toronto - We laid down six inch wide Versatile Grass grouting around the large concrete stepping stones (FYI: the grouting is 'full spread glued' onto the concrete base). A perfect easy-care always pretty and impressive solution to a dilemma that many folks wrestle with poolside

Taunton Rd./ Townline Neighborhood, Oshawa, Ontario - Two brand new young ladies and two perky puppies now have just gorgeous backyard to grow up on. Once again our GreenThatch 72

Kingston Road/ Woodbine Ave.Neighborhood, Toronto - A familiar east end Beaches scenario: Very little backyard sunshine, and devastating raccoon visits. Mike selected Versatile GoldThatch 60

Rathburn Rd./ Islington Ave. Neighborhood, Etobicoke Toronto - A full makeover from the ground up, embracing the family play structure. A major transformation. Clients selected Versatile GoldThatch 60.

Rebecca Street Neighbourhood, Oakville Ontario - The childcare playground at this very busy urban central recreation centre was given a huge makeover in Versatile GreenThatch 72

Rossland Rd./ Thickson St. Neighborhood, Pickering Ontario - Certainly a very unique, creative, and dramatic layout to receive Versatile's GreenThatch 72. But pointedly functional for the resident big puppies too!

Royal York Rd./ Dundas St. Neighborhood, Etobicoke Toronto - Not all jobs need be big or expensive. Here is a very visually effective uptake of popular bestseller GreenThatch 72 by Versatile Grass

Derry Rd./ Mississauga Road. Neighborhood, Mississauga Ontario - Patterned concrete trimmings, a gorgeous pool, and the final finishing beauty of Versatile GreenThatch 72. Very sweet.

Royal York Rd./ Dundas St. Neighborhood, Etobicoke Toronto - A very classy and beautifully coloured backyard and home fixtures. Ron used our GoldThatch 60 ULTRA, and I congratulate him on a finished yard ready for magazine photography!

Danforth Ave/ Broadview Neighborhood, Playter Estates, Toronto - Michael was a gentleman in all respects, already sold on no-maintenance roofing and composite decks ... so the move to our GoldThatch 80 synthetic realistic grass was a 'natural' for him!

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Lovely Nanton Ave. Neighborhood, Rosedale, Toronto - Kelly and her Nanton Neighbours were a delight, just the nicest people who treated our install crew with much Halloween hospitality and courtesy. Kelly selected Versatile's state-of-the-art GoldThatch 60 ULTRA to be the finishing touch to her major backyard makeover.

Dewbourne Ave. Neighborhood, Bathurst St./ Eglinton Ave., Toronto - Every element of this new home was meticulously thought out and executed. The final roll out of Versatile's Grandeur 71 ET was the proverbial 'icing on the cake'. Nicely done Ilan.

Hogarth Ave. neighbourhood in Toronto's Riverdale: A delightful makeover to refreshen the family backyard in Versatile's Green Thatch 80. Turned out rather sweet, I'd say.

Albertus Ave. Neighborhood, Yonge St./ Lawrence Ave., Toronto - "My mommy and daddy just bought for me a new backyard to grow up on ... these are my very first steps. The grassman with the camera says he is going to put me on his website. I could be famous. I like my new backyard!"

Mississauga Rd.,/Indian Rd.Neighborhood, Mississauga, Ontario - Uniquely creative! Versatile's impressive 'Canadian Grandeur' LA/ET (dual green)is framed by a uniquely angular cut stone perimeter, with three golf holes just for fun! We thoroughly enjoyed working this site. Well done Anita!

Mississauga Rd.,/Doulton Dr. Estates Neighborhood, Mississauga, Ontario - Rooftop Magnificence! Versatile's impressive 'Canadian Grandeur' Grass delivers stunning visuals to expansive 2nd floor rooftop walkout. Well done Denis!

South Etobicoke Waterfront Rooftop. A dramatic transformation of a unique urban rooftop walkout. Visually welcoming and friendly. Texturally stimulating. And the putting green is a perfect fun distraction too! Well done Dawna and Ed!

St. Clair and Avenue Road in Toronto's quite special Forest Hill neighborhood: Delightfully friendly clients. We laid down our popular Grandeur 71ET (solid colour) impressive 'no-infill' grass overtop of a professionally prepared ground foundation, then precision trimmed against the raised stone perimeter walkways. A lovely finished product, and our congratulations to client and contractor Joe!

High Park Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Private residential backyard transforms into beautiful maintenance free escape. Nice to come home to

Forest Hill Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario. This lovely backyard boasts an architecturally stunning gazebo, perfectly framed in Versatile's popular GoldThach 50CH grass. A simply delightful and livable finished result.

Rosewell Neighbourhood, Lawrence/ Avenue Road: A very respected Toronto landscape company specified Versatile's Gold Thatch 50 to be the finishing touch for their lovely fixturing work.

Whites Neighbourhood, Pickering, Ontario: A very serious family centred playstructure looks so nice atop Versatile's Gold Thatch 80. A fun family, and fun install.

Mississauga Road Neighborhood, just south of QEW, Mississauga, Ontario. A visually stunning backyard layout to enjoy 12 months every year ... and a professionally functional 4 hole 15x15ft inset putting surface nestled into the 71oz landscape grass, just for fun!

Established Boyton Road, Bayview/Eglinton Neighbourhood in Toronto - A challenging front yard installation upholstered around a grand mature maple tree and its spidery network of surface roots, using Versatile's Gold Thatch 50CH bestselling grass!

Apple Blossom/ Bathurst Glen neighbourhood in Thornhill: When it came time to refreshen the backyard pool landscape, Versatile's Gold Thatch 60 did an admirable job. A pleasure working with nice people, Elaine and Perry.

Impressive Baby Point/Old Mill neighbourhood in west Toronto - Our private residence client specifically sought out the industry best assembly of performance realistic grass mated atop 2 inch thick safety impact foam panels, for best in GMAX and HIC Head Impact testing specifications. The family play structure will be built atop Versatile's GoldThatch 60 grass. I applaud your research Wayne and Maggie!

Very lovely Elgin Avenue, Yorkville District in Toronto - Peggy is an artist. She told me the big rounded corner was the perfect finishing touch for her new urban lawn, and she was absolutely correct. The grass gives the family and puppy a cozy 15x15 soft and green playspace. For those curious, we anchored the grass with 8" landscaping spikes right into the gaps in the interlock grout. Well done folks.

Curved deck and interlock, hot tub and pergola ... and Versatile Grandeur Grass. Milton, Ontario - Steve is a client with vision! The Grandeur Grass was an astute finishing element to his meticulously appointed backyard. Well done.

The Yonge/Sheppard Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A beautiful ravine backyard, professionally finished, and now boasting our very best Grandeur Grass. Well done Michael and Joe!

Lawrence Ave. & Midland Ave. Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Very progressive child care operator covered the hard harsh asphalt play area with our Versatile Majestic Grass, dramatically softening and 'greening' her facility. Note her very astute guidance to upholster the shade structure posts also in the thick safe grass. I applaud you Mavis!

Bayview Ave./Merton Neighborhood, Toronto - Mike battled every year with a small taste of real grass in his cute backyard that battled for sunshine and battled with the usual puppy issues. We found a perfect piece of our upscale GreenThatch 72 that dropped in perfectly ... and looks so awesome! Enjoy for many years Mike.

Elegant Markland Woods Neighborhood of Central Etobicoke, Toronto. John and Dale revitalized their poolside tired wood deck with Versatile's heavyweight GoldThatch 71 Grass. And then they decided to add a fresh grass area rug ontop of the interlock stone for the table and chairs too! Effective, textural, and appropriately green. Well done folks.

Bloomington & Bayview Neighborhood, Aurora, Ontario - Private Residential Backyard already with magnificent landscaping embraces Versatile Grass poolside

The Renforth/ Eglinton Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Easily our most publicized makeover. This backyard faces north, is challenged by mature sun blocking trees, and for twenty five years the family dogs have ruled their territory. Versatile Grass gave this lady a fresh and consistently green 'cottage retreat' within the city. She liked the magazine notoriety too!

Rochester/ Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, Toronto A charming new family asked us to lay down Versatile GoldThatch 50CH grass between their quite spectacular dual cabanas and the inground pool. Predictably pretty all the time, and the two young kids watching through the windows gave big smile approvals too! A pleasure Michelle.

Kingsbridge Neighborhood, Oakville, Ontario - An upscale child care facility transformed with clean and green Versatile Grass

Riverdale's Classic Withrow Avenue Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A beautiful refreshening of a classic Toronto home's already well appointed backyard that was historically always challenged by racoons and squirrels, now the perfect solution with realistic Versatile Grass

The lovely Old Carriage Road neighbourhood, Queensway/Mavis, Mississauga - Just a picture postcard cute backyard setting, tiered deck, custom stonework, and thriving garden accents, now anchored by a 15ft x 31ft drop in of bestselling Versatile Goldthatch 50CH. A pleasure working with Don and Lori.

CBC's NATIONAL TELEVISION BROADCAST CENTRE, Downtown Toronto, Canada - The creative directors at CBC Sports needed an impressive 45ft by 45ft 'in-studio' soccer field replication in support of their roll as host national broadcaster for soccer. They selected our Versatile GoldThatch 50CH grass and the TV high definition visuals were amazing.

The very lovely Manor Rd./ Belsize Dr. neighbourhood, Mt. Pleasant/Eglinton, Toronto - A very unique and architecturally pretty rebuild and landscaping of a young family's backyard. Very nice! Client and landscape designers selected Versatile's bestselling Gold Thatch 50CH

The very lovely Delavan Ave neighbourhood, Burton/Spadina, Toronto - A large and dramatic semi circle of patio stone now wears a cute 'framing' in Versatile's hefty GoldThatch 71. Very artistic landscaping by Brad, Meredith and Patrick, well done!

The elegant Parkwood Neighborhood, St. Clair/ Avenue Rd: - Our professional landscape partner had us install our Versatile Gold Thatch 71 in a very unique layout. This is to become a trampoline pit. Something new for our grass!

Burnfield Avenue in Dupont/Ossington Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Classic quaint backyard setting with a gorgeous antiqued backdrop. Jodi wanted rid of the patchy troublesome real grass ...

Sandalwood Parkway Neighborhood, Brampton, Ontario - Waseem looked to make his new breakfast patio a 'show stopper' and a 'crowd pleaser'. Enjoy his breakfast and coffee on our Versatile Grass!

Our second grass job for this childcare centre, Kingston, Ontario - Their large main play area Versatile Grass job from a few years ago was performing so well that the client invite us back to install a safe grass yard for their infants and toddlers area. Note the very very unique usage of GoldThatch 60 ULTRA as it creatively climbs the fence, effectively acting as a baseboard barrier to block out encroaching weeds and visiting 'nastys'. Peace of mind for the little kids, their moms, and the staff!

The delightful Markland Woods Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A backyard we would all wish for backing onto a private golf course, now also dressed up nice and pretty in our Versatile Grass!

Cranbrooke Avenue in Lawrence/Avenue Road Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - This site was 100% raccoon issue inspired, and a family of three raccoons watched as Jake and I measured up his yard!

El Dorado Avenue in Richmond Hill, Ontario - A brand new cute pool installation and the family did not want to battle weekly grass cutting and clippings, and they wanted a tough playground for the kids too. Claudia picked Versatile Grass.

The very pretty Joshua's Creek Neighborhood, Oakville, Ontario - A unique tiered backyard that historically wrestled with success for real grass. Steve and Robyn chose Versatile's GoldThatch 50 for the springtime makeover.

The elegant Wrenwood Neighborhood in dynamic Markham, Ontario - Our professional landscape partner had the perfect 'vision' to dress his client's poolside yard end in a visually gorgeous putting green with thick fringe. Always pretty to look at, and suspect many evenings of putting contests too. Great people to work for.

The Kern's Road Neighborhood in Burlington, Ontario - A very astute child care facility owner rectified an always 'challenged' side of her playground with a big long one piece run of our popular GoldThatch 50CH grass. Note the unique soft curving edge as grass transitions to asphalt. Sweet for the kids!

The St. Clair/ Oakwood Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A busy young family needs a robust and pretty backyard to grow up on. Suzanne selected our 71 ounce Grandeur LA/ET top end grass.

Renown Forest Hill Road Neighborhood, Toronto Centre, Ontario - An award winning professional landscaper specified Versatile grass as a fitting finishing complement to this grand tiered backyard and pool creation. Well done gentlemen!.

Bayview & Steeles Neighborhood, Markham, Ontario - A truly grand impressive home and landscaping, perfectly accented with realistic Versatile Grass

Child Care Centre, Waterloo, Ontario - A magnificent freshness for a popular child care facility. Well done management!

The Bloor West Village Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A cozy new creative deck, new hot tub, new stonework ... and a unique oval interpretation for our bestselling Versatile Grass

The Golflinks Road Neighborhood, Ancaster, Ontario - A forward thinking child care centre delivers a state-of-the-art yard facility to its Moms and Dads. Astute marketing and industry leading presentation.

Etobicoke's Lakeshore Condo Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A dramatic balcony transformation away from rock hard cold concrete to infinitely livable and visually pleasing Versatile Grass!

Big Business Marketing Promotion, Toronto, Ontario - A very creative advertising agency used our grass as an effective point-of-sale promotion for two high profile marketers. Well done folks!

The Bloor St.West/ Shaver Ave, Etobicoke Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A wide driveway boulevard between two upscale homes becomes maintenance free and visually pristine!

Waterloo Ontario - A welcomed transformation away from perpetually troublesome woodchips to predictable clean, green, and 'government fall height tested safe' Versatile Grass!

The Don Valley and Eglinton Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A dramatic transformation away from perpetually troublesome woodchips to predictable clean and green Versatile Grass!

The Markham Road/ 401 Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A refreshing and friendly 2nd floor Child Care Centre play area. Visually impressive and functionally safe and playable too!

Ava Road, Bathurst & Eglinton Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A heavily treed and mature backyard, with puppy, annually fought losing battle to get real grass to grow... then selected our Versatile Grass

Lovely Mature Upscale Central Mississauga, Ontario - The client had a vision for her kids to thoroughly enjoy this oversize private backyard. Our top end Grandeur 71 LA/ET two tone. Quite magnificent, I'd say!

Historic Downtown Neighborhood, Georgetown, Ontario - This converted church structure transforms an asphalt pad into a new day care play area with our Greenbriar Grass. I respect and applaud entrepreneurs!

Trenton, Ontario - A brand new child care facility used our FRESHBLADE 40 with crumb rubber top dressing to beautifully create a safe friendly play area from a reclaimed asphalt parking lot. Well done ladies!

Burlington, Ontario - A truly magnificent backyard layout and support landscaping, now with a Versatile 4-hole putting surface

Very Creative Application of our Grass by an active Burlington, Ontario Day Care - Active high volume daycare facility enjoys predictable and consistent playground conditions.

The Eglinton/Avenue Road Oriole Parkway Neighborhood, Toronto - Active high volume daycare facility enjoys predictable and consistent playground conditions.

Quiet Residential Alexandra Blvd Neighborhood, Avenue Road/ Glencairn Ave., Toronto - Always a pleasure to work for great clients and a talented professional general contractor. A play structure is to follow atop the Versatile GoldThatch 50CH grass. An easy living low maintenance/ high performance play yard, and a consistent visual treat everytime the clients look out from their new grand home. Thank you Yahphen and John!

Quiet Residential Yonge/Sheppard Neighborhood, Toronto - A rather unique "J-Shaped" front yard creation in our top end Grandeur 71 ET. A beautiful home with fresh professional landscaping and Versatile Grass to finish.

The Bessborough/McRae Neighborhood, Toronto - Classic Mature Leaside Backyard Challenged by Heavy Tree Shade ... and a puppy!

The Elgin Mills/ Yonge St. Neighborhood, Richmond Hill, Ontario - Dramatic makeover for front yard and boulevard, married with cute landscaping, and the client's free form grass art. Check it out!

Our Garden City of St. Catharines, Niagara Peninsula - Maureen selected our brand new and impressive 71 ounce Canadian Grandeur Grass with a subtle two-colour-tone interplay of green. We understand her puppy finds it most agreeable!

Progressive Waterloo, Ontario - A very forward thinking commercial Child Care Centre outfitted their very unique grounds layout in Versatile's annual bestseller Greenbriar Grass. Visually clean, popular with parents, and functional!

Child Care Facility in one of my favorite towns, KINGSTON, ONTARIO. - This was a rather dramatic weekend transformation from a worn dusty yard to a friendly, soft, and green playground. What a great reaction volunteered from the parents we spoke with during the installation!

The Islington/Royal York Neighborhood, Etobicoke, Ontario - A Beautifully elegant front yard application for a virtually maintenance free lifestyle.

The Leslie & Mulock Neighborhood, Newmarket, Ontario - A quaintly unique backyard of tiered concrete. The new Versatile Grass fits in perfectly as you can see, and is of course virtually maintenance free for the new owners

The Downtown Condo Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Six stories up, a common area exquisite Versatile putting surface and what a view!

Downtown Hamilton Active Day Care Grounds - The owners can now enjoy predicatable and stable grounds conditions. Safe, kid friendly, parent happy, and operator smiling!

Mississauga, Ontario - A textbook lesson on how to transform the side passage of a detached residential home. Clean, functional, pretty, and low maintenance too!

The Central Etobicoke Neighborhood, Islington/Royal York, Toronto - A clear lifestyle choice. A perfectly kept home and property now also has our bestselling Greenbriar Grass fully installed. Clean and impressive. A pleasure working with you Ben.

Lawrence & Midland Neighborhood, Scarborough, Ontario - Busy daycare facility reclaimed a challenging real estate situation, with livable and most playable results

The lovely Leaside Neighborhood, Toronto - The mature treed backyard defeated sunshine and real grass for 20 years, until this makeover in livable and playable realistic grass

Downtown Neighborhood, Hamilton, Ontario - Daycare facility transformed a hard surfaced asphalt play area with a creative layout of soft and 'kid friendly' Versatile Grass

Golf Links Rd Neighborhood, Ancaster, Ontario - Daycare and Preschool wrestled with challenged and defeated real grass, solved with Versatile Grass

Hurontario/ Burnhamthorpe Neighborhood, Mississauga, Ontario - Upscale Condo 33rd Floor Rooftop Terrace dramatically more livable versus rock hard cold concrete

The Lawrence & Bayview Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Two black labrador retrievers can play havoc with shaded backyard grass growth, and of course muddy paws. A beautiful home, a refreshed backyard, and a fun putting surface. We truly enjoyed this jobsite.

The Classic Often Requested Dog Run, Aurora, Ontario - We were impressed with the creativity and functionality of this Aurora dog run. Well done folks!

The Historic Riverdale Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - The classic long and narrow Riverdale backyard now boasting the client's own designed effective deck and our inviting fresh green grass

The Guelph Line Neighborhood, Burlington, Ontario - A popular and prominent daycare facility makes a summer time commitment to transform their busy grounds with predictable play surface, our grass

The Thorold Neighborhood, Niagara Penninsula, Ontario - Another day care facility reinforces its business plan with friendly, playable, and predictable grass for its kids.

The Scarborough Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - A bold and dramatic statement made by a professional property renovator and remarketer. Very nicely done John!

A North End Rural Estate, Oakville, Ontario - Imagine a 3-hole dog legged putting surface placed into the field along your estate, addressed by two separate distant chipping grass pods. Sweet entertainment! Get out the cigars.

The Very Famous Yorkville Shopping District, Downtown Toronto, Ontario - One would expect nothing less from the dramatic and effective marketers in the storefronts of Yorkville. Memorable. Unique. Inspired. Congratulations Jane

The Danforth Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario - Private Rooftop Terrace reinvigorated with a soft all-weather makeover of Versatile Grass