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For those of you starting to get excited about working with our Versatile Artificial Synthetic Grass and are wishing to understand the site logistics, we've assembled a 12-photo collage of a project we did in October 2016. Follow the progression. Note the dramatic visual transformation for the 'Start Picture' versus 'Finish Picture'. Wow! For those of you at the very serious stages of shopping and deliberating about our synthetic artificial realistic grass make note that this particular installation selected our REFINED GOLD 82 grass style. The '82' designation communicates ounces of blade face weight per metre/squared. This is an upscale grass. Refined Gold 82 is our 'sweet spot'.... our 'Goldilocks Grass'..... not too junior, not too top end, rather it is 'just right'. An upscale 82 ounce face, 3D "W" shaped low lustre 'fine' blades and a wee bit taller 1.89 inch height to give a taste more surface realism and texture. We've invested heavily to support this lovely grass. GO AHEAD, CLICK ANYWHERE ON THE PHOTO SET BELOW... A SHARP VIBRANT PDF WILL LOAD. Then with your PDF viewer (like Adobe Reader) you can zoom in and explore!

Quick final note: because this is a front yard Versatile Grass installation that speaks proudly to the world you may at some point want to invest in a leisurely drive to West Toronto, central Etobicoke specifically just south of Pearson Airport, to CHECK IT OUT IN PERSON. The Renforth/Eglinton area. Tap us an email and we'll happily email back to you a precise driving map. No appointment necessary BUT if you also want to see the large grass sampling selection and pepper us with questions then, please, we do need be here so YES, AN APPOINTMENT IS ASTUTE. Set that up with an advance email to
Robert Mislan
or Patrick Mislan

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Work with 1/4" or finer stone chip, or limestone aggregate or screening. Typically 2000 lbs will cover 280 sqft @ 1 inch deep. (Every site is special... invest in your foundation to attain better results for traffic and drainage.)

Try for a reasonably level firm and compacted raw earth base. Remove old grass sprouts, contour and shape.

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