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Instant gratification! Versatile Grass synthetic artificial realistic grass can be easily and quickly ordered through our wonderful e-commerce store powered by renowned SHOPIFY. The online Shopify Versatile Grass Store has many hundreds of "smallish" unique opportunistic grass pieces and roll ends... explore! Click through a few pages to discover your perfect grass treasure.

Orders are triggered (literally) in seconds by Shopify (they are good!) and we'll communicate order progress status by email at every step thereafter.

The store is designed to present quick access to smaller grass sizings... if you are needing bigger and larger grass panels then continue exploring on this very website page.

CLICK ANYWHERE ON THE SHOPIFY STORE GRAPHIC BELOW and I'll watch for your purchase online - Pat and Rob

Looking for an
Versatile Grass presents our state-of-the-art HYBRID PORTABLE DUAL realistic grass. This is a high performance one inch thick and dense turf optionally affixed with 5MM impact foam backing, and optionally again with tenacious Velcro brand seaming system. Perfect for all schools and recreation centres, child care facilities and fitness/sports clubs. Click on the photo to explore this unique structure available in Canada now.

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Also called artificial grass and turf, or synthetic grass and turf, one of the most dynamic landscaping trends of late has been the birth and emergence of realistic turf carpeting systems. VERSATILE GRASS brings to Toronto and Ontario and Canada thick and deep people friendly toe wiggling grass systems. The upfront instant benefits are impressive: NO weekly mowing. NO watering obligation. NO pesticide usage. NO bothersome weeding, and consistent week-to-week visual stability. New state-of-the-art 3D three dimensional blade cross-section profiles in the Versatile Grass style lineup have dramatically vaulted our grasses to rather impressive visual realism and new levels of engineered resilience and appearance retention. (I never fail to get excited over the new industry innovations, and I own the company.... you will be too the first time you wiggle your fingers through our samples and the first time you see the oversized grass sampling)

VERSATILE GRASS can be used effectively for your residential front and back yards (think of the freedom and time that releases back to you!). It can easily be used for children’s playgrounds, child care centres, patios, pools, decks, balconies, boulevards. Or consider it for a broad range of more commercial usages such as school grounds, trade shows, rooftops, show homes, and any sort of property management. We use the slogan “for everywhere you can imagine” and that just about tells the whole story.

Now, I want you to envision your personal project addressed with the logistics shown in the wonderful graphic below. I say unabashedly that the only truly 'intense' part of your own project may be the ground preparations. Perhaps you are delightfully 'handy' and capable and will embrace the simple work. OR you may simply involve a landscaper or gardening talent or similar handy 'strong arm/ able bodied' talent to get your grounds ready to receive our Versatile Grass. A larger complex job likely demands a talent that understands ground work well. Makes sense. "A dentist does teeth... an optometrist does eyes.... an electrician understands electric power... so more complex raw ground prep and configuration and sundry landscape extras are always best serviced by a professional landscaper."

Versatile Grass is happy to supply the raw large grass panels direct to you OR direct to your landscaper, OR we are equally happy to both supply and effect the finishing install with our own grass skilled experienced talent outfitted with brand name proper turf adhesive and stadium rated seaming tapes. But for tiny smallish wee areas I ask you to seriously consider embracing the modest ground preparation yourself! Save money, great exercise, and a clear sense of accomplishment and contribution to the project. Every job is different, so think upon ground prep needs based on your personal needs and comfort.

THINK ON THIS: If you also need walkways and gardens and fencing and decking and stonework, well you are already invoking the services of a landscaper..... the ground prep needs for our grass are but modest, and the landscapers do very same base for us as they do for under interlock and paver slabs and stone. Easy! No one need be worried or shy. CLICK ON THE BIG COLLAGE GRAPHIC BELOW TO EXPLORE LARGER SIZED PDF WITH ZOOM CLOSE UP CAPABILITY:

"Before you buy any synthetic grass you should invest in a 20 minute visit with Versatile Grass to see and touch our unique large format 2017 (2 foot by 4 foot) presentation samples. I'll email the drive map invitation to you... easy 401/427 Renforth/Eglinton, and BONUS see a real world installed yard too! (now that's a rather smart idea isn't it) Touch it. Walk on it. Then simply step back and make your decision where best to invest your money. Our lineup is simply formidable state-of-the-art 2017 engineering and always presented with upfront pricing disclosure from moment one... and that is properly respectful to you! Instant gratification for you too as we start the grass season with over 100,000 sqft of physical grass roll inventory. Buy smart, buy safe. - Rob Mislan"

Here are two brand new grass programs we developed for Canada. Click on any of the images to have a razor sharp PDF pop up so you can zoom in closeup and explore. Have fun shopping!

and next is Castle Green's really big brother, Palace Plush, effectively the same basic engineering but we made it taller & heavier & tighter. This is a serious grass and a beauty...

Yes, we have even more selection (you'll love our 'sweet spot' Refined Gold 82 and 'our heavyweight' Champion Blade 103) Click our GRASS STYLE LINEUP graphic below... a razor sharp PDF will load... then you can ZOOM IN real close to each style and understand better. Enjoy! This is a formidable grass presentation and we have massive inventory in Toronto Canada, for prime season well over 70 full-sized grass rolls and 100,000 square feet of fresh prime inventory. We are your serious grass source in Canada. We invest massively in synthetic artificial grass roll stock (no one else in Canada commits anywhere near this level to my knowledge, certainly the transient seasonal pretenders do not) and this is to provide rapid turnaround against Canadian orders. A solid business plan. Now enjoy...

There is no greater testimony for anyone contemplating their own project in our Versatile Grass than to examine and study real world installed Versatile jobsites. We have assembled an informative and educational cross section of job sizes and complexities, across many very familiar Ontario neighborhoods. Time well spent as you explore the applications already in place by fellow Canadians. (yes, these are our own managed and serviced local installations, not inappropriate 'palm tree and coconut' far away head office installations that a distant franchisor hopes to fool Canadians with. Our own 'hands on' experience and crews and Canadian neighborhoods. See what your neighbours have done with us: See many many hundreds of our very own GTA Toronto installation site photos following below …. We are a very serious grass distributor and established service company, NOT an indifferent seasonal part-time installer, NOT a franchisee presenting a 'purchased reputation' to falsely impress you. The Toronto jobsites you see here are OUR very own earned Versatile Grass projects start-to-finish, never plagiarized, never stolen, and never borrowed from a faraway head office ...)

Alright, time to showoff a bit... think of our raw Versatile grass like a giant roll of real grass sod. That's valid. Anything you can do with 'sod' you can do with Versatile grass. And as powerful testimony scroll below (and look to your left too) to see how our own crews have made Versatile Grass 'come alive' in real life Canadian yards! I think we're distinguished after 10-years. 1,000's of jobs, always clean, well documented transactions, with happy clients and trade partners. May we work for you?


Here's a quick and simple Versatile Grass discussion page that will move you to the next level of our grass detail and understanding. Always remember: Versatile Grass is local based in the Etobicoke Neighborhood of TORONTO CANADA supported by our own local inventoried warehousing in Mississauga Ontario.

NO long distance or 'cross country' accountability worries
NO out-of-country currency/ brokerage/ freight/ or warehousing intrigue
NO inappropriate and borrowed 'palm tree and coconut' testimonials to hard sell Canadians

Let's understand your job a bit better ...
Share with us a sketch of your envisioned grass project and plans. The more detail you can volunteer on this drawing the more accurate our return budget guidance and coaching will be. (Doesn't have to be to scale, doesn't have to be pretty. This is just to start us talking ...) May we also suggest a couple or few support digital photographs too please.


By very popular demand Versatile Grass now makes available an extensive variety of 'smaller sized' pieces of our grass lineup. We invite you to explore the following PDF file link to find a workable size for your needs. Perfect for puppies, balconies, decks, trade shows, displays, schools, daycares, cottages, projects, photography, theatre props, golfing or anything else you may envision!
CLICK HERE: Versatile Grass Available Smaller Sizes List
Over 75 pieces of assorted sizes and qualities, rolled, taped, and tagged. Ready to go for an arranged Central Etobicoke (near Pearson Airport) Ontario pickup. Just email us the details of the grass piece you want and we'll respond with a 'nice bonus deal' and transaction particulars.